Video Series: How to Succeed At Private Label

Apr 16, 2019

There is no question that e-commerce is growing exponentially as consumers shift their buying behaviors from traditional brick and mortar stores to shopping online. With programs like Amazon’s Prime Membership, consumers are often choosing convenience over price. The biggest question is this — are YOU building a brand online? To understand how to create successful private label products and lines, we interviewed the experts at The Private Label Insider for information that no one else has. Watch our latest video series to learn more:


Part 1: The Top Channels for Private Label 

If you want to sell online, then Amazon is a must, especially if you have a private label line of products – it’s your number one online source of revenue. Learn the two other online marketplaces with the most customers. 



Part 2: The Best Product Categories to Start With

When launching your private label line, look for low liability products that generate high profits. Watch to learn what you don’t want to start with and why.



Part 3: Success in Private Label Line and Home Decor

Love home decor? Want to create your own tabletop and housewares line? Do this before you bring your product to market. Plus, this video outlines the successful items that will drive sales both online and in-store.



Part 4:  How to Win at Private Label and Outdoor Retail

Thinking of starting a private label line for outdoor enthusiasts or creating something that focuses on sporting goods? Here’s how you can sell your gear to the right customers. 




Part 5: Quality Assurance Is Critical

You can’t bring bad products to market. To make successful private label products, you need to make sure you have good quality practices in place. Learn how in this interview with our experts.



Part 6: What You Need to Know About Insurance

There are many types of insurance, but if you are starting a private label line or have private label products, do you need it? The answer is yes! Here are what types you need.



Part 7: What You Need to Know About Legal

If you’re creating a private label, your legal agreements are important. Learn the three things all legal agreements should have in order to keep your company safe. 


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Macala Wright

Macala Wright

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