5 Apps That Can Help Manage Anxiety

Apr 12, 2020

With the world turned upside down and inside out, anxiety and worry can run amuck in our minds if left unchecked. As a retailer, you don’t know if you are going to have a retail business to reopen after COVID-19 runs its course. 

While you’re a retailer, you’re also a person. Like everyone in the world, anxiety can sneak up on you and level you like a flash flood, or it can be the ever-present side-seat driver constantly feeding you a steady stream of worry and fear. Either way, that anxiety can feel debilitating. 

That’s why it’s important you try and manage it as best you can and find some peace of mind. Here are a few handy apps to help you get ahead of anxiety, or at least distract you momentarily, so you can come back to yourself and take a break from worrying. 

Calm – Calm is a go-to app. When you open the app, the first thing you see is a directive to take a deep breath. Whether your anxiety and stress hits you in the morning, disrupts your sleep or makes it hard to focus on tasks throughout the day, this app has meditation, a story or music to help. Calm offers a variety of free and paid meditations, available in different time lengths, to help you center yourself. 

Balance: Meditation – If you’re looking for a customizable meditation app that can help with daily routines of mindfulness and meditation, this is a great app for you. Choose what your goals are, set up notifications and then follow the directions. The app acts as your personal meditation coach, customizing meditations based on your feedback along the way. There are 10-day meditation plans to teach you meditation skills and single meditations you can pick up as needed. 


The Tapping Solution – The focus of the app is tapping on acupressure points to calm the nervous system and help you reframe and rewire some of the thoughts and thinking patterns that lead to anxiety. Science shows that when we are in a heightened emotional state, we cannot access our rational thinking mind; we are in the freeze, fight or flight mode where our entire focus is on the fear. 

Tapping on meridian points can immediately relax the nervous system so you can calmly respond to the situation. Additionally, this app can help you tackle bigger issues (chronic pain or phobias) from a proactive stance, too, not just in the moment of anxiety. Once you get over feeling a little weird about the tapping itself, I think you’ll come to rely on this app for daily maintenance!

AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game – Yes, it’s a long name, but this free app does exactly what the name says! You have over 30 games that are designed to focus your mind on a mindless activity – excellent for getting your mind off the situation causing you anxiety. Some games are colorful and sensory, some use your mind to organize things, and others are completely passive and visually fixating. In any case, you have the perfect option to distract you for a few minutes while you settle your nerves. 

Dare – Break Free from Anxiety – If your anxiety comes in the form of panic attacks and extremes, then this app is for you. There are audios you can use on the spot (and downloadable to be used offline) to help manage an attack, and loads of audios and strategies to assist in breaking free from anxiety entirely. 

All these apps all help reduce stress and anxiety, from setting your day right with meditation and reflection to distraction games and emergency audios. There’s a balance for you to pick and choose what you need and when to give you peace of mind in a time when we all need a little help with anxiety. Remember, we’re living in very uncertain times. The emotions you are experiencing are okay, but don’t let them continually run your day-to-day life. Be well and be gentle with yourself and others.

Written By Kecia M. Lee, Certified Whole Person Life Coach and co-founder of Grace, Grit and Wit



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Macala Wright

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