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–every first-timer at ASD Market Week

ASD Market Week is unlike any other tradeshow in the industry, and yes – it is big! While this is wonderful for exhibitors and attendees, it can be a challenge for exhibitors to stand out among the sea of booths without a plan in place.

In addition to our 30,000+ buyers who shop the show floor, ASD Market Week has cultivated a loyal and engaged audience of over 250,000 small business owners and major retail buyers in addition to sourcing executives, importers, and distributors who engage with ASD’s digital content, shop on the Show Planner, and interact on our social channels.

So how do you reach them? We have several sponsorship and advertising options to help you stand out on the show floor, drive traffic to your booth, and ensure these buyers know your company before, during, and after the show.


Onsite Signage

Stand out and drive traffic to your booth by promoting your products wherever buyers are looking.

Floor Decal (Standard Placement)

Floor Decal (Outdoor Placement)

Floor Decal (Premium Placement)

Private Label Floor Decal

Drive traffic and extend your branding beyond the booth with double-sided meter boards placed throughout the show. These large, visually appealing signs are both informative and impactful. 

Meterboard (Inside Hall Placement)

Meterboard (Outdoor Placement)

Meterboard (Premium Lobby Placement)

Outdoor Signage
Capture buyers’ attention before they even enter the door! Whether it’s a larger than life combination of window clings or a strategically-placed floor decal, extending your presence beyond the convention center is always a smart investment.

Bench Banner

Meterboard (Outdoor Placement)

Floor Decal (Outdoor Placement)

Onsite Branding Opportunities

Onsite Branding Opportunities
Don’t wait for buyers to happen upon your booth. Reach more buyers and drive traffic to your booth with these onsite branding opportunities that are sure to get you noticed.

Badge Sponsor: SOLD OUT!

Attendee Lanyards – Exclusive!

Exhibitor Lanyards – Exclusive!

Bag Handout at Registration – Exclusive!

Flyer or Small Item Distributed at Registration – Exclusive!

Display Pedestal

Show Directory

Show Directory Ads
Be seen by thousands of buyers as they use the printed Show Directory to search for vendors! This is a great way to highlight show specials and drive traffic to your booth.

Directory Front Cover Ad -Exclusive!

Full Page Directory Ad

Full Page Directory Ad – right-hand pg. 1 – SOLD OUT!

Half-Page Directory Ad

Directory Opposite Inside Back Cover – Exclusive!

Digital Sponsorships

Digital Package Upgrades
Buyers use the Show Planner to search for products and vendors to do business with. Get an average of 575% more online profile views with an upgraded digital package!

Bronze Upgrade Package

Silver Upgrade Package

Gold Upgrade Package

Digital Floorplan Sponsorships
Buyers use the digital floorplan to browse booths and navigate the show floor. Stand out and drive more traffic to your online profile and booth with a digital floorplan sponsorship!

Exclusive Floorplan Sponsor – Exclusive!

Floorplan Banner Ad

Floorplan Booth Logo

WiFi Sponsorships
Every buyer has to log in to the Free WiFi to be able to stay connected at the show. Place your products and booth number front and center each time they go to connect!
Exclusive WiFi Sponsor – Exclusive!

Email & List Rental

Confirmation Email Ads
Reach every single registered buyer or exhibitor with a high-visibility ad in the most important email every buyer will see! All pre-registered attendees & exhibitors will receive a badge confirmation email reminder 1-2 weeks out from the show, which they must show on-site to receive their badge.

Footer Ad – Confirmation Email for Buyers – Exclusive!

Footer Ad – Confirmation Email for Vendors – Exclusive!

Side Bar – Confirmation Email for Buyers – Exclusive!

Side Bar – Confirmation Email for Vendors – Exclusive!

Targeted Emails to ASD Attendees
A unique opportunity to email a targeted group of ASD Market Week buyers directly! This is an incredibly valuable tool to help ensure the buyers you want to see at the show know who you are, what you sell, and where to find you on the show floor. Start the conversation now so you can focus on closing deals in March!

Targeted Email (Pre-Registered for Current Show)

Targeted Email (Verified Attendees Previous Show)

Social Media

Social Media Ad Campaigns
Three weeks before the event, our team will build a custom social media ad campaign that will put your brand, products, and promotions in front of our proprietary audience of ASD buyers!

Show Social Beacon

Show Spotlight

Sponsored Social Posts
We’ll work with you to create a unique social media post that targets our loyal audience of approximately 15,000 Instagram followers and/or 43,000 Facebook followers. Engage with our buyers before, during, or after the show to grow brand awareness and increase sales.

Socialite Bundle – Exhibitor

Sponsored Facebook – Exhibitor

Sponsored Facebook – Non-Exhibitor

Sponsored Instagram – Exhibitor

Sponsored Instagram – Non-Exhibitor


Sponsorship Packages
Get the most bang for your buck with one of our high-value sponsorship packages.

Ultimate Onsite Package

Digital + Onsite Display Package

Exhibitor Essentials Package

Custom Sponsorships

Customize Your Perfect Sponsorship
Have an idea you don’t see here? Let’s talk! We can work together to craft the perfect sponsorship to help you reach your goals.
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Free Promotional Opportunities

Free Promotional Opportunities
You heard that right—we have several FREE marketing opportunities that are designed to help you promote your presense and drive increased traffic to your booth, without any additional cost.

Product Showcase: Want to extend your presence beyond your booth space? Submit your products to be featured in our Product Showcases placed throughout the Convention Center! If selected, your products will be professionally displayed along with your booth number to drive interested buyers to your booth. Submit here

Vendor Spotlight Submissions: Let us introduce you to your next customer. Submit images or videos of your products for us to share with buyers in the Vendor Preview Guide, in emails to buyers, and across our social media channels. Submit here

Free Promotional Tools: Customizable graphics to drive attention and traffic. Just download and place on your website, in emails, on social media and anywhere else you digitally communicate to buyers. Click here to get started.

Onsite Activations Submissions: We love to share good news. Do you have something exciting happening at your booth? Let us know about any giveaways, demos, events, etc ahead of time, and we’ll spread the word to help drive traffic to your booth! Submit here

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