We are thrilled to announce the return of the ASD Market Week Exhibitor Awards program!

The ASD Market Week Exhibitor Awards program is an opportunity for the entire buyer, exhibitor, and retail community to celebrate and recognize outstanding exhibitors and products that set a new bar across the show floor. The ASD Market Week Exhibitor Awards are open to all confirmed exhibitors participating in the March 2024 Show.

Award adjudication and presentation will take place onsite at ASD Market Week March 2024.

All award submissions are due by March 10, 2024, at 1:00 PM.

Most Innovative Award

The ASD Market Week Most Innovative Award recognizes the exhibitor who redefines the standards in their respective retail category through groundbreaking solutions and design. This award honors practical yet visionary products that shapes future trends, highlighting a commitment to driving positive change within the retail landscape.

Best New Exhibitor Award

The Best New Exhibitor Award at ASD Market Week celebrates an outstanding debut showing, honoring an exhibitor who makes a remarkable entrance and leaves a lasting impression through innovation and market relevance. This award acknowledges emerging talent committed to shaping the retail industry’s future.

Best International Exhibitor Award

The Best International Exhibitor Award at ASD Market Week recognizes excellence in global representation. We honor exhibitors showcasing innovative and market relevance worldwide, highlighting the impact of a global perspective in the international retail landscape.

Best Merchandising Award

The ASD Market Week Best Merchandising Award recognizes an exhibitor who excels in presentation and consumer appeal – highlighting both their branding and their products. This award celebrates those with outstanding merchandising strategies, elevating the standard within the show floor.

*Please note that by submitting, you are giving ASD Market Week the approval to use and share any product images/information/videos. Any images or vidoes submitted must be ones you have the right to use or share. Submissions are not guaranteed to be featured.

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