Buyer Toolkit

Use these resources to make your final decision on attending ASD Market Week or to spread the word and let your colleagues know you’ll be at the next show.

Roi Calculator Image

Expenses and ROI Calculator

Take 10 minutes to plug in your information and get a clear idea of what your potential expenses and return on investment (ROI) will be when you register and attend ASD. 

Justification Message

We've summed up why most buyers love ASD Market Week if you need to convince yourself or your boss on the benefits of attending. Hint: Your results from the Expenses and ROI Calculator could be a good selling point.

starting a retail merchandise liquidation business

Matchmaking Services

As the largest and most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the U.S., it’s a good thing we provide matchmaking services right on the show floor to help you match with the perfect vendors. 

starting a retail merchandise liquidation business

Social Media Banners and Images 

Let your colleagues know you’re going to ASD! Share these images on your social media or your email signature and include this link so your friends can join you for FREE:

Sample Posts

Use these suggested messages in your social media posts and be sure to use our official hashtag: #ASDMarketWeek.

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  • The retail industry is in Las Vegas at #ASDMarketWeek on August 4 -7! 
  • I’m heading to #ASDMarketWeek on August 4 – 7. Who will be there? 
  • Next stop – #ASDMarketWeek in Las Vegas. Can’t wait to get my buying DONE for the year!
  • Who else is at #ASDMarketWeek?
  • I just registered for #ASDMarketWeek. Who’s coming with me?
  • Products for everyone! I’m racking up at #ASDMarketWeek
  • I’m at #ASDMarketWeek looking for high margins and on-trend products. I love it here!
  • I’ll be supporting the retail industry at #ASDMarketWeek. There’s no way I’m missing it!
  • High margin products. Connecting with our vendors. Making new connections. We’re at #ASDMarketWeek.
  • Name a better merchandise buying show than #ASDMarketWeek. I’ll wait!

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