From Corporate Life to Retail Entrepreneurship | Interview with Emily Benson

Feb 21, 2024



Embarking on a Retail Journey: From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship | Interview with Emily Benson

In part one of this episode of Let’s Talk a Little Shop, Emilie talks to Emily Benson, Author & Founder, of The Boutique Training Academy, which provides professional retail training for up and coming retail businesses. In this episode, Emilie and Emily discuss:

  • 0:26:  Empowering boutique owners to start, grow, and scale their businesses with solution-focused training programs.
  • 4:21:  Transition from studying surface pattern design to working in retail merchandising.
  • 8:22:  Exploring the multifaceted roles in retail departments and the excitement of predicting trends.
  • 12:27:  Transitioning from corporate retail to entrepreneurship with a focus on starting a fashion business.
  • 16:25: Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship through innovative retail concepts before the internet era.
  • 18:00: Recognizing the need for independence and innovation in retail industry
  • 20:20: Transitioning from events to retail business, facing challenges in location choice.
  • 24:16: Struggles of transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship leading to business closure due to lack of happiness and passion.
  • 27:54: The Boutique Training Academy offers professional retail education to aspiring store owners for success.
  • 32:20: 💡 Mindset, margins, and marketing are the key pillars of success in retail business, with mindset being the underlying spiritual aspect. Mindset is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in addressing challenges within a retail business.

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Emilie Lewis

Emilie Lewis