Happiness, Kindness, Strength, and Sex | Cathy Ziegler + Lisa Mazurek

Jun 26, 2023



In this episode of Let’s Talk a Little Shop, Stephanie talks to Cathy Ziegler, VP of Sales, Kheper Games, a wholesale adult novelty and game company, and Lisa Mazurek, Founder of Warm Human, a wholesale and retail brand that helps customers learn to walk through the world with strength and kindness. They discuss:

  • 3:30: People should focus on building a life you love, gifts should empower your friends, family and loved ones.
  • 4:15: Warm human’s manifestation cards sold over 300,000 pieces without any advertising, and reorders are through the roof.
  • 6:05: From $3.50, to $30, the “Build a Box for your Bestie” is a hit. Allowing women to build a manifestation box empowered women to inspire one another.
  • 7:20: Manifestation cards are a hit internationally, from hospital gift shops to the small retailers of Europe.
  • 8:49: Want to sell merchandise, you have to believe in your products!
  • 9:42: Having relationships is important!  You need to have face-to-face meetings.
  • 13:01: Manufacturing fun products for adults; from body empowerment to drinking games.
  • 15:15: How to strategically expand your product merchandise in your store with adult novelty items.
  • 16:09: Product development takes 200 to 300 hours per item created. But over time, it can pay off. Kheper Games, SEX game has sold over three millions units and has been translated into multiple languages and editions.
  • 17:32: How Kheper Games manages private label for large retailers like Paper Source, Party City and large regional chains.
  • 19:17: Expansion comes from being in a general merchandise trade show like ASD MARKET WEEK.
  • 22:00: Educating your buyer and your employees helps move merchandise.
  • 23:41: Creating products for sexual health and exploration.
  • 26:49: Using your intuition to find the next hottest trends
  • 28:49: From the bedroom to the boardroom to the bar room, connectivity is important. Get people talking.

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Stephanie Beringhele

Stephanie Beringhele

Retail doesnt have to be complicated so long as you keep it real! Stephanie Beringhele, a 14-year veteran of the B2B Marketplace, explores the retail space through intimate conversations with retailers, wholesalers, and more. Episodes are less than thirty minutes with bite-sized tips on leadership, growing store profits, trends, and more. And Stephanie wants to connect with YOU! Email questions you want answered for future episodes to Stephanie.Beringhele@ASDonline.com