How to Build Successful Live and Digital Experiences

Jan 5, 2024

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Watch and Learn

In this episode of Let’s Talk a Little Shop, Emilie Lewis speaks with Lance Fensterman, CEO of Fanatics Events. Lance is the genius behind ComplexCon, the Star Wars Convention, and ComicCon NY. In this episode, they discuss:

  • 2:40: How Lance fell into ‘Fandom’ event marketing
  • 4:00: You don’t know what you can learn when you say “YES”
  • 5:15: How Lance launched ComicCon NY, Pax, and the Star Wars events with Lucas Films
  • 06:50: What it takes to succeed in pop culture trade shows isn’t the same as consumer or B2B events
  • 7:00: How to leverage fandom to build successful, professionally run events
  • 8:45: Success in new verticals doesn’t happen overnight
  • 9:57: How divergent, non-traditional models can be developed under corporate structures
  • 10:48: Going rogue; when it’s time to ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  • 12:28: Being prepared to manage tension when you’re going against the grain
  • 13:50: Taking calculated risks is different than being disruptive
  • 15:30: Understanding the subculture of fandom
  • 16:17: How these deeply passionate communities build their lives and identities around pop culture
  • 17:23: The only want to be successful in marketing to fans, involves two things:  exclusivity and immersive experiences
  • 19:48: The dynamics of certain subcultures; often, a company only has one shot to get their attention
  • 22:14: Being human; owning your company’s actions wins with fandom audiences
  • 24:40: What makes Fanatics Events different from other organizations
  • 28:10: How to build different, more bespoke, event types for passionate fan communities
  • 30:50: How to plan successful niche events
  • 31:49: Using demographics, psychographics, and interests to create audience personas
  • 33:52: Know who your audience is, listen to what they want, and give it to them
  • 36:10: A look at the Star Wars franchise, creating extensions of a high-ticket event offer via apps and digital platforms in order to expand access.
  • 41:46: When it comes to live events, you have to have a successful team.
  • 43:00: A successful team is built on the types of people in your type of environment.
  • 48:00: Pushing yourself to learn in order to build your skillset
  • 51:00: There’s brilliance in always staying hungry.
  • 53:54: Always make sure you’re having fun.
  • 54:29: Creating fun is creating kindness, 1 million people at ComicCon shows this philosophy works.

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Emilie Lewis

Emilie Lewis