Merchandise For The Traveling Consumer: Why ASD is Critical to Stuckey’s Retail Success

Oct 13, 2021

Why Stuckey’s Corporation attends ASD each year. According to Stephanie Stuckey, meeting with people in person, talking one on one, and also being able to hustle a little is vital to their retail mode. In this video, learn:

  •  Why ASD is important to their travel stops and convenience stores.
  • What makes Stuckey’s business model unique.
  • How to merchandise for travelers.
  • What makes roadside retail different and how to master it.

In addition to sharing why ASD is important to Stuckey’s roadside retail businesses, Stephanie also told us the story of taking her family’s businesses back over. In the past, she’s been a lawyer, a Georgia state legislator, and also a sustainability advocate. We asked her advice to women in business and how they can succeed as retailers. She shared these three tips:

  • Don’t be afraid of failure.
  • Surround yourself with people who balance you personally and professionally.
  • If you aren’t passionate about it, don’t do it. Do something you love!

Watch the full video here:

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