Teaching Your Customer to Fly | Ben Saltzman – Kitty Hawk Kites

Jun 26, 2023

In this episode, Stephanie Beringhele interviews Ben Saltzman, the Marketing Director of Kitty Hawk Kites.



Kitty Hawk Kites has 28 retail stores and several e-commerce sites.

  • 01:25: How Ben got into the retail business
  • 03:09: Understanding Kitty Hawk’s retail business model – Kitty Hawk Kites, Kitty Hawk Surf Company, and Life is Good stores.
  • 05:49: How they went from being a hang gliding school into becoming a large destination business in coastal states.
  • 06:55: How the mission of the business drives the entire experience. “We want to teach our customers to fly”.
  • 7:54: Social media is a powerful tool to communicate with customers.
  • 8:43: Encourage your customers to share their stories that relate to your retail business, they will!
  • 11:06: The challenges of employee recruiting. Training, housing, and retention are top of mind.
  • 11:54: Encouraging employee growth. How Kitty Hawk encourages their employees to grow and move throughout the organization.
  • 14:32: Trade shows are critical to business and relationships, but also finding trends.
  • 15:41: Economic conditions change how you do business. You need to learn how to pivot in order to get your customer’s business.
  • 16:38: Mastering story and sharing customer experiences is critical in showing why you’re important to your customers’ lives.

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Stephanie Beringhele

Stephanie Beringhele

Retail doesnt have to be complicated so long as you keep it real! Stephanie Beringhele, a 14-year veteran of the B2B Marketplace, explores the retail space through intimate conversations with retailers, wholesalers, and more. Episodes are less than thirty minutes with bite-sized tips on leadership, growing store profits, trends, and more. And Stephanie wants to connect with YOU! Email questions you want answered for future episodes to Stephanie.Beringhele@ASDonline.com