How Retailers Can Use Data to Master Merchandising | Ashley Alderson of The Boutique Hub

Jul 22, 2023



In this episode of Let’s Talk A Little Shop, Stephanie Beringhele talks to Ashley Alderson, Founder and CEO, of The Boutique Hub. 

  • 1:20: There is no way to lay out a perfect business plan. A business should start with a purpose and a why.
  • 3:00: How The Boutique Hub found their niche and made a pivot to support small retail businesses.
  • 5:45: From inventory to merchandise, how The Boutique Hub supports retailers’ business questions.
  • 7:05: Helping small retailers leverage their sales and marketing data to improve their e-commerce sales and marketing efforts.
  • 8:15: As you take over a legacy business, if you don’t have a website and e-commerce, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.
  • 9:00: Shopify makes e-commerce development a low barrier effort for small retailers.
  • 11:02: Mindset matters, don’t let your energy and excitement drop in your slower months. Your sales reflect your belief for your monthly sales.
  • 12:04: Use slower times to develop better marketing efforts, invest in automations, and manage what sets your success.
  • 14:30: Relationship first, sales second – make sure you understand your customers’ lives.
  • 16:00: Merchandise and selecting the products you carry in your store. Product assortment falls into four categories – trend, bread and butter, margin builders, add-on and upsells. Master all four to find success.
  • 20:00: Use bi-monthly collections in order to create seasonal stories and reasons for customers to buy.
  • 22:58: Time, money, and energy. You need to allow for the seasons of your personal life to ebb and flow. Balance is hard, but it’s important to define it.
  • 26:49: Stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments.

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Stephanie Beringhele

Stephanie Beringhele

Retail doesnt have to be complicated so long as you keep it real! Stephanie Beringhele, a 14-year veteran of the B2B Marketplace, explores the retail space through intimate conversations with retailers, wholesalers, and more. Episodes are less than thirty minutes with bite-sized tips on leadership, growing store profits, trends, and more. And Stephanie wants to connect with YOU! Email questions you want answered for future episodes to