How First-Time Buyers Can Make The Most of ASD

Oct 30, 2022

As a retailer, trade shows are essential. Trade shows help you find the merchandise that your customers want to buy in-store and online. Now that you’ve got the ability to travel, you’re probably itching to touch and see the products you buy in-person again, as well as place an order from a living and breathing human being (online marketplaces were amazing, but there is nothing better than IRL!)

Maybe It’s Time to Change Markets

During the pandemic, we know that your product needs shifted, as well as the business knowledge you need to continue in your retail store recovery. And that’s why now may be the perfect time to discover ASD Market Week. Here are the top four reasons you should attend ASD Market Week this summer: 

Reason #1: Attend free educational seminars for retailers

ASD Market Week stands apart from other trade shows in their ongoing commitment to give attendees the education they need to have a successful business. Our retailer education conference, the Independent Retailer Conference (IRC), offers retailers multiple educational opportunities over four days, delivering jam-packed education sessions from industry leaders. The topics range from shipping and logistics, to e-commerce and marketing. You also have the opportunity to speak with experts at no charge!

Retail Education Seminars

Reason #2: Get introduced to over 1,500 retail vendors

As a retailer, it is important to constantly update your inventory in response to industry trends – as well as customer favorites. That’s why it’s so convenient that ASD Market Week hosts over 1,500 exhibitors all in one place – granting retailers the opportunity to connect with their favorite vendors as well as to make connections with new vendors to expand their offerings. ASD vendors offer retailers the products they need to accelerate margins.

Reason #3: Hone in on trending, high-margin products

Where else can you find so many high-margin products under one roof? In one example, an ASD attendee purchased necklaces for $2 that they then resold for $49. This story is no anomaly… buyers find this type of high-margin merchandise at ASD all day, every day. This is why over 40,000 people attend our show each year.  

Reason #4: Make connections and stay up on industry news

ASD Market Week is the ideal place to network, to learn, and to connect with others in the retail industry. Buyers can meet with companies from over  92 countries – so there is a chance for any retailer to expand their business and product sourcing outlets. In addition, ASD offers networking and social opportunities to facilitate connections between vendors and show attendees. Click here to learn more about the networking and educational opportunities offered at ASD.

How to Make The Most of Your Trip to ASD

Is this your first time attending ASD Market Week? In that case, we’ve got you covered. We know your store is your baby so we’ve developed this quick and easy guide to help minimize the overwhelm — and ensure that you conquer ASD like a pro (or at least a 2nd-timer). Consider this your first-time buyer orientation.

Tip #1: Prepare for the unexpected. Shop multiple categories.

ASD is a wonderful place to discover new product categories and margin builders. ASD allows you to explore your core retail product category, while also being able to cross over into testing merchandise from others. The show’s 19 product categories feature a wide range of vendors and exhibitors. From gifts and novelty to CBD and wellness products, we guarantee you’ll find something that you won’t find at any other show. As a retailer, you know that crossover buying is essential to growing sales, ASD is perfect for you to finally take the next step in expanding the merchandise you carry.

ASD Trade Show

Tip #2: Stay hydrated and prepare for a lot of walking.

ASD MarketWeek in August will take up three halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our show is massive and spans approximately 500,000 sq ft of vendor space. And if you want to ensure you make it to each section, you’ll need to be prepared for some serious walking. As obvious as this sounds, make sure to pack comfortable footwear, as well as carry a refillable water bottle (and some electrolytes).  

 Tip #3: Prepare to take photos (with permission) and notes.

Since the show and all those products on display can become a mishmash, prepare to take pics and notes of everything that catches your eye. Bring along a notebook and pen to take clear notes of the products you’re interested in, or jot down the info in your phone’s “Notes” tool. And whatever you’re taking note of, remember to ask the exhibitors for a business card and catalogs – and mark down their booth number (which you can later look up in our Vendor Directory on the website!).

Ask Permission: Before snapping any pics, you must ask the vendor for permission. This is imperative; taking photos without asking a vendor is a no-no. While many vendors are okay with photos, they prefer you ask them before you take out your phone and start shooting. 

Tip #4: Remember to take breaks. Yes, self-care is important even at trade shows. 

So much to see, so little time. As much as you might feel tempted to tackle all the show floors and take it all in at once, if you navigate the show floor too quickly, you’re at risk of developing “buyer’s blindness,” wherein everything starts to blend in together and become a blur. Make time for sitting breaks in the comfortable seating located throughout the show floor — even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes!

This is also a great opportunity to gather all the business cards you’ve collected and take note of any other info you didn’t manage to jot down while at the vendor booth. You’ll be grateful you did, and you’ll also be more productive during the rest of the show as a result!

We Can’t Wait to See You In Las Vegas

So there you have it, the top four reasons to come to ASD Market Week this August, as well as the top four ways to make the most of it. If you haven’t already registered, sign up for free. Then you can start using all our buyer features like matchmaking, and online seminar planning. 

If you need a little more convincing, listen to our introduction to ASD Market Week podcast. 

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