How Retail Brands Build Powerful Influencer Marketing Programs

May 20, 2024

Can you truly make a splash in influencer marketing without getting lost in the digital noise?

Absolutely. Tiffany Hardin, CEO of Gild Creative Group, Rachel Solomon, Senior Account Manager of Gild Creative Group, and Macala Rose, CEO of Macala Rose Consulting outline how brands do this.

In this video, the ladies discuss the keys to successful influencer marketing campaigns. They emphasize the importance of having a clear strategy and goal, understanding the influencer’s objectives, and allowing for creative freedom.

  • Macala Rose discusses the importance of tracking and analyzing data, with both parties having access to analytics and using UTM codes and custom tagging to measure success.
  • Tiffany Hardin advises brands to assess potential influencer partnerships carefully, considering relevance and engagement levels, and for influencers to provide more than just channel metrics in a Media Kit.
  • Rachel Solomon also emphasizes the importance of incorporating audience feedback into campaigns and creating authentic, organic content that aligns with both the brand’s and influencer’s values.

Learn how to engineer campaigns that not only resonate with audiences but also go viral. This conversation is more than just a talk; it’s a blueprint for making a lasting impact in the crowded digital world.

Key Insights

  • 0:00:  Empowering content creators.
  • 4:33:  That clear goals and collaboration are essential for successful influencer marketing programs.
  • 8:34: Utilizing custom tagging on shared links to track influencer performance and gather valuable data.
  • 13:09: Understanding influencer marketing dynamics and leveraging data for success  to create a next-level content marketing strategy.
  • 17:12:  The importance of relational influencers as the next group of content creators.
  • 21:06: Balancing qualitative and quantitative metrics is crucial for successful campaigns.
  • 25:07: Enhancing influencer campaigns through audience feedback for more successful outcomes.

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Macala Rose

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