5 Out of the Box Visual Merchandising Ideas For Trade Show Exhibitors

May 21, 2024

In the wild world of trade shows, having a booth that stops people in their tracks is your golden ticket to success. You want a setup that not only grabs attention but also reels in visitors and gets them talking about your brand. Visual merchandising is your secret weapon here, loaded with tips and tricks to make your booth the belle of the ball. Take Tape All, for instance—a company that’s all about sticky solutions. They teamed up with the visual whizzes at ZenGenius to give their booth a makeover at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas. Spoiler alert: it was a total showstopper!

#1: Celebrate! Hold a ribbon cutting and celebrate this special event.

Throw a ribbon-cutting party like it’s the grand opening of your booth! Not only does this drum up excitement, but it’s also a fantastic photo op. Plus, who doesn’t love a good excuse to break out the oversized scissors?

#2: Color! Use color and repetition to create visual impact.

Splash some bold colors around and make your booth pop like a summer firework. Bright, consistent colors will grab eyeballs from across the hall, while repeating elements keep your brand stuck in people’s minds. Think of it as giving your booth a personality that shouts, “Hey, over here!”

#3: Add a prop! The right prop will help tell your story and message.

Got a cool gadget or a quirky prop? Bring it along! The right prop can be a great icebreaker and helps tell your brand’s story in a fun way. Whether it’s something they can touch, play with, or laugh at, props turn your booth into a memory-making machine.

#4: Meet! Create a place to have a quick meeting of the minds.

Set up a cozy corner for those quick pow-wows. Think comfy chairs and a little table – like a coffee shop, but without the barista. It’s the perfect spot to have those important chats without yelling over the crowd noise, making your visitors feel right at home.

#5: Extra! Add an extra like a register to win contest or a special treat.

tradeshow booth ideas

Who can resist a chance to win something or snag a tasty treat? Set up a fun giveaway or hand out delicious snacks to lure people in. It’s a win-win – you get more visitors, and they get a shot at something cool (or at least a sugar rush). Want to create a show stopping booth that buyers will flock to? Download the merchandising guide we created with Zen Genius specifically for our exhibitors. You can also find more resources to make your next ASD Market Week a success on our website and learn on how to capture buyer attention on our blog. 

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Joe Baer

Joe Baer

Written by guest Joe Baer. Joe is the CEO and Founder of ZenGenius, Inc., a visual merchandising, special events and creative direction company, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Joe's experiences and love for all things visual have allowed him to travel the world teaching and inspiring others on the power of visual merchandising. Find out more about ZenGenius and Joe's upcoming speaking engagements by visiting their website and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn