ASD’s Guide to Reopening Your Retail Store

May 19, 2020

Eight weeks after COVID-19 pandemic locked down our country, federal and state officials are slowly reopening. Some states are open; some have longer, more phased out plans. If you own a retail (non-food) business, you will not be able to simply turn the lights on and get back to business as usual.

There are federal and state regulations that your business must follow in order to continue to suppress the spread of the virus and minimize the risk of another outbreak. You are going to want to consider federal guidelines and state requirements surrounding employee safety, customer safety, environmental cleaning, social distancing, and physical store capacity.

Because there are so many rules, procedures, and requirements that retail businesses have to follow, we’ve created this free guide on how to successfully open your stores again. The guide has a complete list of links to state and county level requirements, links to free business help, downloadable forms, and comprehensive checklists designed for retailers of all sizes to slowly bring their businesses back.

Download the guide for free here: 

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Macala Wright

Macala Wright

Macala Rose Wright is a wellness expert, writer and researcher who specializes in health, wellness, and consumer behavior. Her expertise has been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and many more publications. When she’s not writing about consumer behavior or food, she can be found scouring for deals in antique shops or on the back of her horse. You can follow her on Instagram @Macala or connect with her on Linkedin at

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